The cattle enjoy a calm and stress free life. They eat exclusively grass. No unnatural feedstock like soy or grain is included in their diet. They live on the vast pampas and can practice their natural social behaviour in the herd.

As they are fed exclusively on grass, it takes them three times longer to be ready for slaughter compared to cattle that are fed with high protein feed. A 22-24 month old Lento Melo bovine weighs as much as an eight month old calf which is fed concentrates.

The meat is produced at Pulsa S.A. in Melo, Uruguay. Pulsa holds the following certifications: ISO 9001 and 22000, HACCP, USDA Organic, SKAL, Natural Beef and BRC. All processes are implemented and controlled in compliance with EU rules. Both the animals and the meat are certified for export to EU countries in compliance with EU Regulations 178/2002, 825/2004, 854/2004, 999/2001.

PULSA S.A. follows the guidelines of Professor Doctor Temple Grandin, the worldwide authority in the field of animal welfare for production animals.
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