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Singing with joy

In Cierro Largo a load falls off your shoulders. You change as a person.
I’m an urban nomad and have lived in the city all my life. When I’m in Cierro Largo my chronically blocked nose, which is probably trying to filter the polluted air, is then no longer blocked. A load just seems to fall off ones shoulders.

Ten years ago I spent two nights at a farm north of Melo together with a Dutch civil servant responsible for live stock and the meat sector. After the first night my fellow guest started singing very loudly at the breakfast table. I asked him if this was his normal morning song. He said “I’ve never sing but I feel so happy that I feel I must sing now!” After the second night he was determined to extend his stay by weeks. I spoke to him like an Old Dutch uncle to persuade him to return to the Netherlands. It was ironic that my fellow guest had been raving against “those foreign farmers” for many a year.

by Jack van Messel on 17-11-2012

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