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Bread to order

In the north of Uruguay there is no consumerism. Marketing is scarce.
About 15 years ago, while travelling, I stopped at a bakery in the frontier town of Acegua. I spotted some nice bread rolls, pointed to them and said in Spanish: “I would like to buy them”. The reply was: “Sorry that lot has been ordered” … I pointed to another lot and said: “And this” The reply was again: “Sorry ordered” I then asked if any bread was actually for sale? The lady asked: “Why do you want to buy bread?” I replied: “I’m staying overnight and wanted to buy some bread for breakfast.” Then the lady offered to bake me my requirements and said I could collect it at 7 pm.

Very few people live in the north of Uruguay. There is no real consumerism. Nothing is produced in excess. Everything is in balance. Therefore no surplus production and almost no advertising.

When I returned to the Netherlands, I thought that it could all have been so very different! The telemarketing, the offers via email, the one day specials, the prizes which I supposedly had won in the lottery, the supermarkets wars, the waste, etc, etc.

Uruguayans have peace. Not to be confused with being lethargic.
There is no pressure to do it 'even better.'
Peace and regularity determine life.

by Jack van Messel on 17-11-2012

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